Saturday, October 9, 2010

More on marine systems design...

Introduction to basic marine system concepts

• The various duties of an marine engineer relate to the operation of the ship or offshore rig in a safe, reliable, efficient and economic manner. The main power and propulsion machinery installed will influence the machinery layout and determine the equipment and auxiliaries installed. It includes the number of personnel on board in which the auxiliary services and living quarter onboard will provide the necessary comfort to the crew.  Hotel systems provide the hotel facilities. Examples are cabins, galley equipment, laundry equipment, drinking water systems and waste disposal systems.

• Support systems provide the support function, e.g: electric power supply systems, hydraulic power supply system, lubrication oil system and compressed air system.

• Operational systems provide the operational functions, e.g: cargo-handling and conditioning systems, combat system, fishing gear or oil drilling equipment or other specific vessel system.

• This will further determine the operational and maintenance requirements for the ship and thus the knowledge required and the duties to be performed by the marine engineer.

• A vessel or offshore rig is designed to perform a certain operational task: The mission of the vessel determines which functions are needed on board. Ship systems provide these functions. If necessary a system may be categorised into subsystems and ultimately into components. Example, the power, controls, heating and cooling, etc.

Marine Systems

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