Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mistakes senior officers make with e-mail....

1. Using vague terms. Be clear about the subject, and update the subject heading line if needed.

2. Avoid using the BCC line. One of them is bound to reply all and your belittle act will be noticed one of these days.

3. Clean up the mail threads before adding to the mess and confusion with your next new reply.

4. Use of poor grammar and style. Do try to write in a professional way and not use broken English or Singlish…….

5. Avoid writing long winded e-mails. You may find people will not respond as your long email will either irritate or they do not have time to read.

6. Writing needlessly long, bulky paragraphs. Write in digestible para if you need to and be short and itemized so that readers find it easy to read and understand.

7. Do not forget mail courtesies. Always be polite and mention the “thank you” in public; but criticize,if need, in private one-to-one.

8. Other forms of communication might be better. You do still have a phone, right?

9. E-mail is legal document. An e-mail you write today is evidence in court and could be used as evidence in disputed cases.

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