Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Your CV’s should not reflect these ……

1. Do avoid “cartoon” effect . Use standard format, do not use weird fonts or unnecessary photo images in your resume. It makes your resume “overdone” and strange.

2. Omit the references. Including references on the resume itself says that you needed it for filling up the gaps, or you just don’t understand how proper the system works. Provide references only upon request.

3. Don’t write “stories”. Try to write in bullets and short, impactful sentence fragments that tell your experience and capability with a minimum of reading.

4. Don’t leave out the figures. Quantify your accomplishments.

5. Don’t list past responsibilities. No one cares what your last job’s requirements were. Including them may send the message that you don’t understand that your job is to provide value through accomplishments.

6. Do omit objective. Objectives may reflect incorrect presentation and lead to insincerity and specific roles at each company you apply to may not be matching.

7. Spell check. Your CVs should be completely spell checked, free of grammatical errors.

8. Do include your appropriate photoshot. Make sure it is a presentable shot and look professional

9. Don’t get too personal. Don’t include too much information about your personal interests or hobbies unless it’s relevant to the role. Concentrate on job specific.

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